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Tutorial: Recover deleted photo files

One of the big advantages of digital cameras is, that pictures can be deleted by pressing one little button on the camera. This seems handy indeed, but can turn out to be a nightmare if you delete photos by accident. Very quickly all the nice holiday pictures are gone or even the whole memory card is cleared!
But there is hope: In many cases, photo files can be recovered from the memory card even though they have been deleted and do not appear in the camera menu. For data recovery, the only thing you need is the memory card, a card reader (or a digital camera connected with the computer) and this free software tool.

1. Download software
The software "Restoration" is a little tool which allows you to detect deleted photo files and then recover them. It can be downloaded here. After downloading, unzip the file with Windows Explorer. Then execute the file "Restoration.exe".

2. Scan memory card
You'll see the programme window of Restoration. Insert the memory card into the card reader (or if using your camera, plug it into your computer) and select the memory card in the right column of the programme ("Drives").

Now click the button "Search Deleted Files" and the software starts scanning the memory card for deleted files. If you're asked "Do you want to scan vacant clusters?", click yes. After the scanning progress has finished, you'll hopefully see a few files listed in the left column!

These files are not necessarily the files you want and can also be defective files, so don't celebrate too soon!

3. Restore photo files
Select a file from the list that you want to be restored and click on "Restore by Copying". Now you're asked the folder on your hard drive where the file shall be restored (Don't save it on the memory card you're restoring from, it can destroy photos that are not yet restored!)

Now you have to check if the image file is correct: Simply open the restored file with the Windows image viewer or any other photo software. Sometimes, files are corrupt and you won't be able to open them or you'll just see black images, then this image could not be restored correctly. But don't give up, try all files that Restoration is able to restore. In many cases, you'll be successful.

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