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Ordering digital photo prints on the internet

Ordering photo prints on the internet is convenient, easy and fast. You have not done it before? This is how it works:

1. What pictures are to be ordered?

Before using the price comparison, you should know what photos are going to be ordered. After you have copied image files from your digital camera, it is useful to create a new folder on the hard drive in which you put all files for the order. This way, the images are together in one place which will turn out handy when uploading them later on - it can be really tedious to select images with an upload software if they are all over the place. And you can easily count how many prints you want as well.

2. Find a cheap service: Price comparison

Now it's time to find a cheap service using our price comparison. Simply select which print size you would like and enter how many of it. It's even possible to specify the photo paper. The comparison will list you the cheapest services for your order. But not only the price counts - picture quality is as important. You can find user reviews in the profile of the printing services.

3. Choose way of uploading

On the website of the printing company you'll find information on the different ways of uploading image files.

4. Upload files and place order

In most cases, uploading takes place in the browser or it is done via a software which is provided by the printing service. Often, an assistant guides through the order process: First of all, image files have to be selected (it's best to select the folder created in step 1). Then they are uploaded which can take quite a long time, depending on the speed of your internet connection.
After that you have to choose the format of your prints and give your payment and address details - that's about it!

5. Receive prints & write a review!

Within a few days, your prints should be posted to you. Hopefully you'll be pleased with perfect photos by then! After receiving your prints, please take the few minutes and review the printing service. Thank you!

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Find the cheapest photo book offer and read user reviews.
Read user reviews on online photo printing to find the best service.

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